Sunday, November 27, 2016

Wrapping Up Our Thanksgiving Break ~

All good things must come to an is our last day of our break! 
We all enjoyed a break from our busy work/school schedules and enjoyed our time off!
Thanksgiving morning I got a snapchat from MDD ~ those blue eyes...
love that girl.
Dalton and I had a VERY low key Thanksgiving complete with steaks, football, and naps. PERFECTION.
Friday morning, I left for Birmingham ~ my mom was meeting me there to give me the kids back! 
I was so excited to see them! I missed their little bad butts! 
They had a great time and made lots of fun memories! 
We sent this pic to Dalton ~ wished he was with us! I like it when we are all 4 under the same roof! 
After we caught up for a few mins we headed out to do some Black Friday shopping ~ they missed me so they agreed to take a picture! ha!! 
The stores were EMPTY and Birmingham traffic was almost nonexistent! Win! Win!
We went to several stores, then picked up a pizza and headed back to my sister's house.We also taught Nana how to use Snapchat...which made us laugh ~ A LOT!!! 
We were back in GA by 11:30 Saturday morning ~ just in time to unpack, shower and get to the open house at The Orchards!
Sweet Miss Lucille was waiting to see her "babies." 
This sweet lady was a God send when these 2 were little! They might still be in diapers if it weren't for her! ha! 
We love this sweet lady! 
We also made a pit stop and picked out our tree! They were closed, but we wrote SOLD ~ DOWDY on it and will pick it up this week! 
Jackson was at the cabin in time for an afternoon hunt and killed a doe! 
Way to go Jax!!! 
We hired someone to decorate the cabin for us and it turned out beautiful!!! 
I didn't get many pics, but will get some this week ~ It's so festive!!! 
And then this ~ 
made me FALL OUT laughing!!! 
Monday's coming...better get ready! ;)
We have a PACKED week...really a packed month, but we are looking forward to celebrating the season!!! 

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