Wednesday, November 23, 2016

My Favorite Things...

Most every year, I do a post of "My Favorite Things" ~ 
It's what I would gift everyone in my studio audience with...if I had a studio audience...
This year's favorite things ~  

These are my FAVORITE! Mary Dalton & I both love them! So good...not that bad for you either! 
#2 ~ 
I could not find my exact Louis Vuitton tote but this is a close one. Mine is actually a carry on bag ~ I have had it for 14 years and LOVE it. I used it as an overnight bag, a carry on, bag to keep in the car on trips, etc. Lately I have used it as my is HUGE. I can fit my purse stuff AND my school stuff in I am down a bag! It's great to have when you are shopping because I can put whatever I buy in there, too! I ADORE this bag!!! 
#3 ~ 
A teacher friend gave me this candle because it gave her a headache and I fell in LOVE with it! I only have tried the Volcano scent but it is SO light and fresh ~ it REALLY makes a room smell's pretty strong...but I LOVE it! The company is Capri Blue! 
#4 ~ 
I recently bought this dress from Old Navy in gray and a print ~ and then bought the black, too! It is so easy to wash and I even dried it! It doesn't cling and it's a great length! I paid $15 for them, so that makes it EVEN cuter!!! 
#5 ~ 
I LOVE a cleaning product and Mr. Clean smells sooooo good to me! It kills 99.9% of germs, too! ;)
I alternate scents, but love them all! It's my " go to" cleaning product! 
#6 ~ 
Williams Sonoma cookie sheets are AWESOME! Dalton has a couple at the cabin and they are the BEST! They clean up great, too! I would love SEVERAL and throw my old yucky ones out! 
#7 ~ 
I love Capri Blue candles, but BBW will ALWAYS be my A#1 candle...
They aren't too expensive and are very fragrant! LOVE them! These make the BEST gifts!!!
Side note...teachers LOVE candles...keep your mugs and #1 teacher a candle! ;)
And alllll the teachers said, 
I adore these!!! A sorority sister of mine is selling these and they made the perfect addition to the cabin! She can do letters, any shape or possibilities are endless! 
They would make a great gift for sure! 

#9 ~ 
If you don't have a Vera Bradley are missing out! These things are AMAZING!!! They are so warm and soft! We have 3 or 4 and use them ALL the time! They are $50, but they put them half off all the time...and with a coupon, we paid less than $20 for ours! A teacher would LOVE this, too! :) 
#10 ~ 
Last but not least...
I would LOVE to gift my people with a trip to Excellence! This was the BEST vacation ever and I am dying to go back...hint, hint Big D! ;)

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