Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thanksgiving in Natchez ~

The kids are at my parents house this week ~ I had a list of stuff I wanted to get done while they were gone, so that has kept me BUSY! When Dalton gets home this afternoon ~ whatever is left on the going to stay there ~ we are headed to the cabin for a low key Thanksgiving! I am headed to get the kids on Friday! They have had a blast this week! 

Nana taught Jackson to make chicken and dumplings!!! YUM!!! I can't wait to get him to make them for me! 
He said that they were really good! That's such fun memories ~ in the kitchen with Nana! 
She took them downtown to see the decorations and it looks like they found an opportunity to dab...
WHY do they do this!?!?! 
She also took them to Dollar Tree! MD spent $64 and has everyone a Christmas gift but her daddy ~ she said he "has too much money and there is nothing she can afford that he wants..." 
Mama said she has been so sweet about making sure everyone's gift is special ~ she has such a giving spirit....she's a sweetheart...
She also spent some time in the kitchen with her Nana!
Poor Jackson woke up Monday with a migraine ~ He didn't text me...but mdd did. She heard Nana say the word "throw up" and sister was FREAKING out! She does not get near anyone who is sick...
Anyway ~ I texted him to check on him...
in the middle of his migraine...he wanted a friend's mom's number so he could text her and tell her happy birthday ~ what a sweet thing to do! made my mama heart smile!!! :) 
They were headed to my great aunt's today! I know that they will have a good time and a delicious lunch! :) 
Can't wait to get my hands on those two!!! 

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