Thursday, December 22, 2016

Christmas Break Day 1 ~

Our first day of our break was PERFECT in every way! It was freezing cold, raining and we had no plans but to cook and watch a movie!!! 
It started with coffee and snuggle from Bo.
Mary Dalton started her Christmas cookies ~ 
Jackson fell right back into summer and slept until 10...
I kid you not...EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING. He looks at the calendar and asks a question about Christmas. EVERY. DAY. And he is SUPER smart ~ like freakishly smart...but he has A LOT of questions about what we are going EVERY day until he can open gifts! 
While MD's cookies were baking, we started to make Muddy Buddies ~ and she dumped the chocolate chips in with the chex...and we had manually pick them out! ha! 
It turned out really good though! 
She worked for HOURS decorating her cookies ~ this is the first year her cookies look presentable...she usually gets bored and quits! 
Way to go MD! :) 
Jackson also decorated his cookies ~ he rolled his out THICK and did not have many to do...but he got bored with it fast! He usually loves stuff like this, but he was not feeling it! 
We stayed in our pjs all day ~ watched a movie, ate supper, then went to look at Christmas lights...and somehow this happened...
They talked us into opening a gift! We let them pick and they were PUMPED to open a gift! 
The rest of our time off may be jam packed, but Monday was perfect! :) 

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