Thursday, December 22, 2016

Dance Studio Scare ~

Mary Dalton had dance on Tuesday ~ we went in and I was just getting my check book out...
I heard this STRANGE noise and saw a HUGE rat...I mean, like petting zoo huge! 
We RAN out of there, screaming like we were being murdered! I did not think anyone could be more scared of rats/mice than me...but MD's dance teacher takes the cake! 

We left everything in the room...and were too scared to go back Melonie flagged this stranger down and asked him to go get our stuff! ha!!! 
See that silver pipe...he lives up there!!!! 
The other teacher was on her way and she has seen him before and agreed he was HUGE ~ we waited in the car...all smiles, but we were scared to death! 
It was a funny but scary morning ~ making memories for sure! ha!! 
MD is doing a trio with 2 of her closest friends this year and they had practice! They are all 3 VERY animated, so I know it will be precious!!! 
After dance, we went and had lunch to settle our nerves! ;) 
The girls stayed at Marti's and went to a youth Christmas service project! 
These two really do have the best time together! 

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