Sunday, February 5, 2017

Blog Overload ~

Long time, no blog...
we have been busy and finding time to actually sit down and blog has not happened! However, the Superbowl is on and we all know I am not a football fan, so now seemed the appropriate time! :) 
January 27th ~ 
Sweet Whooty left this treat on my desk! 
Seriously...she is precious! Made my day! 
And of my sweet students left these in the teacher work room ~ 
I have some precious students!!! :) 
By Friday ~ This is how we ALLLLL felt....
January 28th ~ 
Dance comp season! The girls had dance Saturday! Marti spent the night Friday night ~ the boys stayed at the cabin...Bryar came and he and Jax set some traps...
We went for fried shrimp! 

They also had a blast after dance playing with these sumo things...
After Marti went home, we went to the cabin...
My favorite place to relax! :) 
We have started adding on our new outdoor kitchen area...
Can't wait to have this done and Big D cooking up something good for me! 
LOTS of this happened Saturday afternoon! 
This baby...he is really like my baby...
I always thought we would have 3 or 4 children, so he is my 3rd baby! I never knew I could love a dog like I love Bo.
He is my heart...
After church Sunday, we went to Augusta for lunch and to run some errands ~ Mary Dalton woke up not feeling so we ran a few errands, then came home so she could rest up for the week! 
How precious are they!?! 
Their matching shirts....
And here they are making fun of girls posing...
So...I posted this pic on Facebook and got a good bit of praise...and some not so positive comments...
3 weeks ago, I quit doing my kids' laundry. They are 11 and 12 1/2 ~ they have iphones, I haul them to extra curricular activities, we have a maid that "deep cleans" their rooms and bathrooms (they have to keep it straight), they have friends over ALLLLL the time, they are well traveled...they live a nice, comfortable life. They have been putting their laundry away FOREVER ~ but I decided I was tired of washing EVERYDAY to keep up with the laundry ~ 85% of it being theirs. So, I showed them what to do, how to work the iron and told them they could wash when they wanted. 
They are piling it to the CEILING ~ but did wash this weekend...
It teaches them to plan accordingly, be responsible, and take ownership of their stuff.
One Dowdy didn't get the memo about "planning accordingly" ~ 
This is what he had to wear to school because he did not wash his laundry...or use fabric softener! ha!!!
The above Dowdy was not bothered by this AT ALL ~ I asked him if anyone commented on his outfit/socks and he said, "Oh yes mam! Everybody! Told 'em I hadn't washed my clothes!" 
Bless him...

February 1 ~ 
MUCH needed and LONG overdue night out with some of my girls! We went to see Dirty Dancing at the theater for the 30 year anniversary! 
So much fun! 
We all agreed we need to get together more often! 
As we were leaving, the manager have me the cardboard promo! 
"Baby" is my the corner! 
My students LOVE it! :) 
While I was at the movie ~ Dalton picked the girls up from dance and took them to supper! 
He is THE best Daddy! 
Mary Dalton has NO IDEA how lucky she is have him....and how hard she is going to have to look to find a husband that spoils her like her Daddy does! :) 
February 4th ~ 
My favorite person turned 41! 
I adore this man. Every fiber of his being. 
So thankful he is mine!!! 
The two of us went to supper the night before while the girls were at dance ~ 
Jackson stayed with Big Daddy and Sooz! 
It was a fun weekend celebrating him! 
Dalton and his daddy went bird hunting Saturday afternoon ~ 
He had  a fun birthday for sure! 
Our weekend was also consumed with a sick, sick Mary Dalton ~ she tested negative for the flu and strep and has been out of school since Friday (she was just kinda sick, got REALLY sick early Saturday morning) ~ and won't be going tomorrow either. She is running high fever and sounds HORRIBLE. I am PRAYING the rest of us avoid it...or at least Dalton & Jackson avoid it!! 
Dalton is SO busy at the beginning of the month and Jackson starts Tom Sawyer practice this week! 

I think that about catches me up on life lately! Busy as usual, but thankful for our life together! :) 

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