Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Winter Break Randomness ~

We have been out of school for 2 days ~ and the kids played hooky on Friday ~ so we have had a LONG weekend! Our school had their annual WDW trip and we did not go. Thank goodness. 
We needed some downtime before we are slammed with dance competitions and play practice!
Mary Dalton had dance Saturday morning, but managed to kill her first thing "besides a fly" before leaving...she was so excited! :) 
That girl can do it all ~ fish, dance, dress up, hunt...she's got it! :) 
We stayed at the cabin and watched movies ALLLLL weekend ~ we did not leave. 
It was PERFECT! The weather was AWFUL ~ rain, high winds, etc. so it was nice to have nowhere to be for a few days! 
We came home late Sunday night ~ 
Monday I took the kids to Augusta for some fun! 
First stop ~ 
Air Strike. 
They love this place! 
After they were done, we went to Chuck E Cheese ~ what I also refer to as Chuck E Disease...bc EVERYTIME we went when they were little one of them got sick! 
Anyway ~ it was raining, they wanted pizza and I had a coupon...so we went.
And they had a blast....and so far are still well! Yikes! 
Last night, we went to Verizon and played "phone swap" ~ Dalton got a new one, MD got his old one, and Charlie (Dalton's employee) is getting MD's old one. It took FOREVER ~ we had planned to go to dinner somewhere nice, but after 2.5 hours in Verizon ~ we settled for Zaxbys...
We ALWAYS end up like this in a booth ~ MD sits with her daddy ~Jax with me....
In other random news, I stopped doing the kids' laundry. 
It has been one week and my laundry now takes about 2 hours total ~ 
I should have done this YEARS ago! 
I let them decide when they need to wash...they fold it, iron it if it needs it, and put it away...
That way there is NEVER any "I can't find my _____!" or "My ___________ is not clean!" 
Because it's "new" to them, they think it's fun...I am sure it will wear off soon, but for now, they love it...and I do, too! :) 

I bought this "book shot" at Walmart last week ~ It's a short novel...one you can read in an hour or so ~ LOVE this!!! I love to read but don't have hours to invest into a book! This is perfect for me! 
I am headed to ATL tomorrow for a Master Teacher Workshop ~ thankfully it is just a day trip, but I am already dreading the traffic! YUCK!
We don't have much going on this week ~MD skipped dance and has this weekend off. Jackson has 2 more weeks before Tom Sawyer practice starts. 
And hopefully, since I am only working two days this week...this week will be a good one! :) 

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