Monday, March 6, 2017

A Day in the Life ~ February 9th

I guess this could be entitled FLASHBACK to a day in the life ~
We have been SLAM PACKED ~ hence the lack of blogging!!!
I did a day in the life post a month ago and am JUST now posting...
Here's a peek in our busy life! :)

I remembered at 6:52 that I wanted to document the day! :) 
Jackson takes Bo out every morning then he comes in to see me! He's THE sweetest dog! 
Loaded up and headed to school ~ 
And we are late ~ I am supposed to be at school by 7:30...we were leaving at 7:17 ~ 
I got to school and I always pull out my calendars, both personal and school, and get a look at the day ahead...
Checking emails, getting ready for the day! 
I taught 1st, 2nd, and 3rd period then I have planning ~ This day was like most...filled with grading! 
I taught 5th period, then my seniors came in! This day they were doing their skills test for CPR. 
I bought a cake for our local pharmacist ~ she is THE best! MD and I ran to surprise her with it! She goes out of her way to help us and I so appreciate it! 
Picked up an ice cream while we were seeing Miss Beth! :)
Jackson had play practice so he went home with Whitney!
Even though the kids are going their own laundry we ALWAYS have a pile somewhere...
And of course, we had to let Bo inside ~ he stays outside while we are at school but we let him in as soon as we are home! 
I ran up to see if anyone had darks to add to a tiny load of laundry ~ This is what Jackson's room looked like...I HATE an unmade bed, but it does not bother another single person in my house...I try to let it go with the kids ~ I just don't go upstairs often so I don't see the mess! 
Another unmade bed...
We had to run to Augusta to do some errands ~ MDD decided to go with us! 
1st stop ~ Home Depot...
We are enclosing a porch at the cabin, so we had a few things to pick out and pick up! 
We had supper at Able Brown's Oyster Bar ~ My favorite!
It was SOOOOO good!!! 
Oysters Rockefeller ~
our favorite! 
Dalton filled Mary Dalton's water cup to the BRIM! He loves to pick at her! :) 
I walked in the door at 8:58 ~ Dalton ran to get Jackson from Louisville from play practice...thank the heavens...I was so tired! 
More laundry with my trusty sidekick! 
FINALLY ~ my favorite time of the day!!! 
After I showered, I went up to tell Jackson goodnight ~ he did not want to photographed! ha! Trust me, he was in bed with us! We read over a few pages of his play before he went to bed for the night.
My kids are crazy about making slime...this was in his bed...GROSS! 
I let Bo out one more time before putting him in his kennel for the night...
Left a quick note for my housekeeper before going to bed...
And at 10:29 I crashed!!! 
That was a pretty typical day at our house ~ BUSY!!! 

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