Tuesday, March 7, 2017

3 Three Things ~

Three things going on with us right now  ~
1. Dalton is enclosing the old front porch of the cabin and making it into a mudroom ~ this SHOULD be the last inside project for while!
2. He cannot WAIT for turkey season!!!
3. He is busy as ever with work ~ county attorney, solicitor, judge, and his regular practice ~ not to mention managing our rentals and farm ~ he is swamped! He is looking forward to taking some time off to hunt soon!

1. I completed my portfolio TODAY! I went to a Master Teacher class and am so proud to be done with it!
2. I am spending 90% of my time hauling kids from point A to point B. We are in a busy season of our life right now and although I am pretty much exhausted all the time, I love the time with my two kids. They are growing up too fast! I am also thankful that they are both participating in things that they enjoy!
3. Blogging ~ I honestly thought about stopping the blog....but Dalton and the kids did not approve! I am trying to do better and make time for it! They love looking back over the last 8 1/2 years of their lives and seeing all the funny things we did. All that to say ~ my GOAL is one entry a week...Wish me luck! ;) 
Mary Dalton ~
1. She is SO grown up! It literally just happened over night! She was walking in the gas station and some teen age boys were checking her out ~ sister has LEGS for DAYS ~ and I nicely rolled down my window and said, "HEY! Dude, she is 12. TWELVE. You will go to jail....look somewhere else today."
2. She is busy studying this week for her exams!
3. She had her first dance competition last weekend and danced great! Her solo got 3rd and her trio for 2nd! She has another comp in two weeks and can't wait! She LOVES dance! 
Jackson  ~
1. He has learned 90% of his lines for Tom Sawyer. He has TWO weeks until the play starts ~ they still have a long way as a cast, but he is doing excellent if I do say so myself! :)
2. School ~ he excels like CRAZY in school! His lowest average is a 98. He rarely cracks a book and never studies. He was gifted with Dalton's photographic memory...side note...he even memorized the staging directions in his play book! Brains for days ~ and he's cute & sweet! :)
3. Sleep ~ he is missing going to bed early because of the play...this boy LOVES to sleep and we don't get home until 9:30-45 from play practice so many afternoons you can find him napping away! 
Bo ~
1. He is getting SO big!!!
2. He helped himself to a chicken wing and swallowed it whole, so we had quite a scare about that! The vet said to watch him for 48-72 hours for a blockage, but so far he seems to be perfect! We are very thankful and ALMOST at the end of our 72 hour window!
3. Bo is supposed to go to training in May ~ everytime we talk about it, I cry. Not sure how I can let him leave me for 4 months...

We have half days the rest of the week thanks to our 3rd nine weeks exams!
Counting down to Summer now! :) 

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