Monday, March 13, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up ~ The Calm Before the Storm ~

Well ~ this was our last "down time" weekend (if you can call it that) before we are FLOODED with events! I mean ~ FLOODED. We are going to be going 999 different directions for the next two weeks ~ Tom Sawyer officially starts this Friday, so this week Jax has rehearsal every night until 9; Mary Dalton has dance practice, a competition next weekend, solo, and TWO track meets that are both out of town, Dalton is swamped with meetings and deadlines...not to mention hunters are coming for hunting season, and I have to attend the STAR teacher dinner, work the Chicken Q at our school, and chauffeur everyone to their events ~ Lots of fun things and exciting, but I am trying EVERYTHING in my power to be sure that they are resting and staying healthy!  

Anyway ~ here is a peek at what's been going on lately ~ 
TOM SAWYER is taking up a good bit of our time ~ or mine and Jackson's but he has LOVED it. He is super excited about this weekend and I can't wait to see him in the lead role! :) 
I texted this pic to my friends and said, "So, this is 40...." I had some issues and had a mammogram and then was sent to an oncologist (which had me nervous!) but thankfully everything was normal. I will just go back in a year and continue to see him...which I am thankful for! I feel like IF there was an issue he would be able to identify it fast! 
FYI ~ don't wear a dress when you are getting the girls looked at...I was in my panties in this gown and could not decide whether to keep my wedges on or off ~ I went with on even though I felt like a stripper....
Very Strange to be in panties and shoes only...waiting on a DR you have never seen...
The joys of being a woman! :) 
Friday could not get here fast enough!!! We went straight to the farm! We had exams all last week and that alone will wear you out! I was SO SO SO proud of Mary Dalton!!! She did GREAT on her exams!!!
As soon as we could on Friday, we headed to the cabin! 
Since we are still doing construction, Jackson LOVES to burn the scrap wood ~ 
He had a nice fire going...
Seriously ~ I waited ALLLL week for this ~ 
This view, a glass of wine and a stack of magazines....HEAVEN for me! 
Saturday, we went to AGS to pick up a few things. Mary Dalton had on this Ole Miss hat and a guy asked her if she went to college there ~ Ummmmm....I know she doesn't look 12, but she sure doesn't look  18+ to me!!! Anyway ~ her day was MADE! She will probably wear this hat everyday now! :) 
After we got back, Jackson was dying to drive...the little thing did a great job! He was a little too confident for me! I was getting nervous! 
Sunday was day light savings ~ We slept until 10! Whoops! 
It was MUCH needed though! We had a delicious breakfast and then headed home to get ready for our busy week. Miss Priss sent this to me on SC ~ Never mind "happy" is misspelled! ;-) 
Not sure when I will blog again, but I can assure we will have a lot going on between now and then! 

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