Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Tom Sawyer Opening Weekend ~

Well ~ we survived Opening Weekend of Tom Sawyer...and it could not have been better! These pics are from Friday night ~ I worked backstage Saturday night ~ but BOTH nights were awesome! 
Before the play Tom had to get a kiss from Becky Thatcher ~ 
I really wish we could pre-arrange a wedding between these two....
We ADORE Whitney Sue! 
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My dad came to town to town and fish and was able to see the play while he was here. Dalton's parents both came on Friday night, too! I did not get a picture of Sooz ~ but Mary Dalton quickly posed for a picture with her two Grandfathers...key word QUICKLY ~ she's at that SUPER fun age where we embarrass her and she prefers to act like she doesn't know us! ;) 
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Dalton came around back to wish Jackson GOOD LUCK before the play  ~
These two boys...I am so lucky they're mine! :) 
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The play was AWESOME ~ it was actually their first time to do the whole thing from start to finish without anyone interrupting them! Jackson had a BLAST!!! 
This has been a HUGE commitment and has taken a ton of time. The play is over 2 hours and he is on stage 85% of that time...hence, a TON of lines! He has only complained ONCE and that was when he had had enough of the director one night...and it was 9:30 pm!!! So all in all ~ this has been a great experience for him. My favorite part of the experience is that he has met people he otherwise would never know! They are all such good friends now! We are sad for the play to end because we won't see them anymore! Thomas played "Jim" ~ We all love Thomas! He is a GREAT actor, too! 
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Jackson has ALWAYS loved Whitney Sue, so the fact that she is playing his girlfriend in the play AND he gets to kiss her.....well, that may be his favorite part! :) 
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He has also got to be big buddies with Nathan and Caleb ~ they are going to 4H camp this summer, too ~ the boys are really excited about that! 
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And sweet Aunt Polly was one of my students...and her grandmother plays the widow...
He ADORES Aunt Polly, and the Widow is like a grandmother to the whole cast! 
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Emily actually plays the role of Sidney ~ and she and Jax work well together on stage! 
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And Jenna ~ oh sweet Jenna! This little doll has stolen our hearts! She is southern as southern can be and plays the role of "Mary." Jackson is going to miss her terribly!!! 
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He has practice tonight and then 3 more shows this weekend! He has "fans" coming to all 3 shows....and then we are having a cast party!
We are excited about watching him perform..and getting our lives back! ;) 

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