Sunday, April 16, 2017

Prom 2017

 Prom was last week at our school...Mary Dalton was SO excited to go to the Grand March...that girl LOVES dressing up and all things prom was RIGHT up her alley!   Jackson on the other hand went with the intent to have his picture taken with a few girls he's thinks are pretty...he LOVES a good looking girl...the girl above is our neighbor, Lindsey....

This girl is his "latest" crush...Graci Rae. He. Is. Smitten. She's even eating lunch with him for "Grand" Day." 
And his second favorite girl is sweet Annie...he marched right up and asked for a picture...God love him...
 Shana took a few pics while I was helping with the food! Jackson and Mallie are such sweet friends! 
And we can't forget PRECIOUS Brooke! Jacksons class has EIGHT people in it so they're all really close...these are 2 of his best friends!  
 Dalton and I chaperoned this year and of course he had to bring up his Senior prom in '94...and his teacher Miss Lisa...he's a mess! 
Jessica and I helped fix plates in the back and we seriously had the best time!!! We decided one day next year we are working in the lunchroom! :) Jessica is THE sweetest human you will ever meet! She was the best little 4th grade teacher last year to Jax! He's certainly missed her this year! 
 It's hard to believe another year is winding down! Another prom in the books! 

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