Sunday, April 16, 2017

Spring Break Wrap Up

We wrapped up Spring Break with a few outings! My 2 still love going to Air Strike so we headed there in Thursday! They jumped, we had lunch and ran a few errands. 
 Mary Dalton went to spend the night with Whitney and we headed to the cabin. We left some pennies on the railroad track so we stopped to pick them up. Somehow, Jax had never done this and he thought it was super cool. We went out for Japanese with Sue-Anna and Razz! We LOVED having her in town!  
MD went to the coast in Friday to keep Razz on Saturday for Sue-Anna. She was so sweet and packed little treats and games for Razz to play with! She's going to be a good babysitter!!! 
We went to the cabin of course! After the boys hunted Saturday morning, dalton gave Jax a lesson in doughnut making... We fished Saturday and Sunday afternoon....

 Mary Dalton isn't much of a fisherman so we took advantage of it being just the 3 of us!!!

Sunday morning they hunted again...poor jackson was worn out!!! He can sleep anytime. Any place. 
 We ended spring Break with a beautiful sunset at the cabin...waited on MD to get home....and got ready to wrap up the last few weeks of school. 
I was kinda bummed we didn't do anything super fun or go on a trip, but this week at home is just what we needed!!! 

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