Sunday, April 16, 2017

He Is Risen!

I've always loved Easter! Everything is so fresh and new! It's celebrating the resurrection  of Jesus! To me it's the best part of what we believe as Christian's...Jesus is alive and coming back. 
We've celebrated the past few years at the cabin...this year was no different. The kids dyed eggs and proceeded to have an all out egg war. We are good food...took an EPIC nap, and enjoyed our time together. 
Easter baskets were filled with nail polish, a cute monogrammed towel, make up bag, and candy for mdd...while Jax got bait, a hat, and lighter fluid...
Wish I was kidding! That boy LOVES a fire!!!  
The day was PERFECT filled with this  sweet crew! 
 Celebrating our King! 
Happy Easter from The Dowdys 

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