Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Life Lately ~

We are glad to have the kids home this week! They have been riding the new golf cart nonstop!!! They have had a BLAST exploring dirt roads all over the place...so much so that they didn't even swim yesterday!
MD got an awful splinter in her foot and has been limping around...or getting piggy back rides when she can! ;00

We also had her pictures done for her 13th birthday! We won a free session, so this was a great opportunity! Can't believe she will be 13 next month!!!

I stumbled across a few more pictures on the camp webpage...
Jackson is NOT interested at all in having his picture taken..EVER...so I was glad I stumbled across these of my baby boy! :)

He LOVED camp. He made lots of new friends, too!

This was his cabin crew. They won "clean cabin" three times! They were pretty proud! I wish he would practice "Clean Cabin" at home!!!

I also saw this of MD and WS!
These 2 have made some memories FOR SURE!

This is our LAST low key week ~ low key as in we have VERY few plans!!!
We are enjoying being by the pool or on the golf cart!
We have a trip coming up that we are super excited about!!!

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