Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Jekyll Island

We left Sunday around lunch to head to Jekyll Island. Dalton had a conference and we tagged along to enjoy the beach. It was flooding on the way down so we made a detour and stopped at our favorite restaurant at the coast. Speeds kitchen is one of our favorite spots to eat for sure! 

We arrive to Jekyll around 6:30 PM after a long day of traveling in the rain! We had only been to Jekyll one other time so we had a lot to see! The hotel was very old and historic it was beautiful!

We drove around the island and saw lots of deer! Of course this made Dalton love the island! We also looked at the oldest house still standing in the state of Georgia! If you look really closely you can see Jackson in the window! ;)
We enjoyed the break in the rain and took advantage of checking out the house! The island is owned by the state and the grounds are absolutely beautiful! The trees alone were worth the trip! There were HUGE cedar trees! 

Of course our favorite thing to do was the beach. Dalton does not care anything for the beach, sand, or heat but the children and I absolutely love it!!! The weather was not the best on Monday but we still managed to get some time in! Tuesday was picture perfect we spent almost the whole day enjoying the beautiful beach! We rode waves all day long and had the best time!! 
The sea turtle hospital was on the grounds of our hotel. I took the children when they were five and six but they didn't remember it so we toured it again and really enjoyed that! Mary Dalton now wants a pet turtle! 
We also visited our favorite barbecue restaurant on Saint Simons Island which was only a short drive away! It was good but I have to say Dalton is spoiled us! His barbecue is just as good as theirs! 

On Tuesday we literally shut the beach down! Jackson collected lots of sand dollars and chased 1 million birds around wishing he had his gun the whole time! ;) we left the beach and went straight to the pool where we ordered supper and swam until bedtime!

We left early this morning to head home so Dalton could attend a meeting at lunch. It was a super fun trip and we had a great time! 
We got home unpacked and went straight to the pool! We are looking foreword to enjoying our last few days of our break! 

And I'm pretty sure Daisy was glad we were back home!!! ;) 

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