Thursday, August 3, 2017

Back to School 2017

Well ~ another school year has started! They seem to come quicker quicker!!! 
Look how much my babies have grown! 
Mary Dalton started 7th grade ~ she doesn't have any new teachers, but she was excited to see her friends! :) 

Jackson LOVES middle school so far! 6th grade will be good for him! 
He has the exact 3 teachers as Mary Dalton this year and had a great first day! 

Our annual back to school photo shoot! :) 

These two ~ 
Never a dull moment!
They either ADORE each other or want to MURDER each other. There is no in between. 
This was an ADORE day. ;) 

I was SO busy when we got to school I did not get ANY pictures, but thanks to social media, I swiped a few off of a friend's page! :)

Sixth grade girls ~ 
All 5 of them.
That's what you call a CLASS full of boys!!! 
And when I don't go take the pics ~ you get pics where Jackson is goofing off! 
He got three new people in his class this year! He was SO excited his friend Taylor was back at TJA! 
We have had 2 days so far and all is well. 
Hopefully they will both continue to enjoy school! :) 

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