Sunday, August 6, 2017

Golf Cart Riding

Dalton recently bought a golf cart for us to keep at home in the summer and then use at the cabin in the fall and winter. To say that we have enjoyed it would be a huge understatement! Every night around 730 you will find the four of us on the golf cart cruising dirt roads in the neighborhood. It's become a nightly tradition that we have to at least make a couple of loops around the block if nothing else!! 

The kids even know the back way to get to the local gas station. This was one of the highlights of summer… Cruising to the jet to pick up a pizza, drinks and candy! 

The best part has been the sunset each night. We have seen some beautiful displays of God as we drive around on the golf cart. It's our 20-30 mins to unwind, talk, and enjoy the time together. My two are growing up entirely too fast! I know it's the precious times like these that Dalton and I will cherish in a few years when they're off at college.

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