Sunday, July 15, 2012

Aunt Tasha Came to Visit!

We are BEYOND excited that my sister and her sweet family have moved to Birmingham  ~ we are only FOUR hours apart as opposed to 8! I just wish her move would have been when the kids were BABIES so I could have had her help! ;)
 My children ADORE her 2 kids and her kids are SO SWEET to my little ones!!! My 2 were SUPER excited because their dog, Luke came! They LOVE a little dog and had the best time!
Friday night, we went out to dinner. Saturday ~ Mary Dalton had dance and we went shopping in Louisville. She was so sweet to keep the kids for me so Saturday I could go to a fish fry that some people hosted for Dalton!
 Saturday night, we went to the cabin and Dalton cooked a low country boil ~
It was soooo yummy!!!!
The kids fished and rode the golf cart while we LAUGHED and LAUGHED!
My sister had GOT to be one of the funniest people! I LOVE being with her and look soooo forward to seeing her LOTS now!!!
 Emily stayed at our house, and Zachary stayed at the cabin with Tasha & Jay. Emily, Mary Dalton & Jackson ALL slept in a double bed! I'd say she is a trooper!!! ;)
 They left this morning before we went to church and I was worried MDD would be upset, but she handled it well! I guess she realizes that we are gonna be seeing lots more of them!!! :)
Dalton & I are about to head to Augusta for date night! We BOTH need a break from the campaign madness to say the least! We are looking forward to a busy, but fun week ahead! Nana is coming and we are headed to National Competition for dance!!!

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