Sunday, December 16, 2012

Weekende Wrap Up ~

We had to skip out on our planned trip to The Dowdy Family Christmas! Mary Dalton was HEARTBROKEN, but Jackson was too sick to care! Suz and Big came home today and brough them their gifts, they were pumped!
Jackson LOVES an itune gift card!!! 
After being stuck at home ALL DAY Saturday, I was dying to get out so when Dalton offered to go take us to Augusta to lunch and to Sam's we loaded up quickly!!!

While our kids were literally hacking on our food and everything in sight and I also realized Jackson had fever AGAIN, I realized we had become "those" know the ones you HATE when you had your first child...the parents who drag their sick kids to Mellow Mushroom just to eat some really good pizza....and then I remembered a time better than that ~ the time Jackson felt sick while we in Lowes and Dalton put him in the buggy with an OxiClean bucket to puke in while I ran Mary Dalton to Justice...8 years ago I would NEVER done either of these things...We are officially "those" parents new parents hate...sorry guys, but yall will get there, too...have another will be over it too! ;) Gotta keep my sanity! 
Seriously though ~ we had a good lunch and trip to Sam's ~ Jackson got Guiness Book of World Records and they have had a BALL looking at it! 

Mary Dalton was SO upset we didn't get to go on Saturday ~ we were ALL dressed and Jackson was crying with his ear and had fever and we just decided it was too much to go...Since she was "dressed so cute and had nowhere to go" Dalton took her to lunch and she had her FIRST trip to Windsor Jewelers...and she wanted one of everything! She said,
"Daddy, the candy plant is fun and all...but can you IMAGINE if Big Daddy owned this store?!?!"

Dalton gave me an iphone 5 for old phone is a piece of JUNK, but Miss Priss has had a ball with it! She is making videos like it is her job! ;) 

Dalton and Rhett enjoyed duck hunting this weekend! Jackson was supposed to go, but had to miss when he didn't get well!
I took him BACK to see Dr. Brandy tonight and his ear is REALLY infected...he has to go get some meds tomorrow and then again on Tueday! I am keeping my fingers crossed that helps my little man get better!
We have 3 half days this week...he is missing tomorrow, thankfully Suz could keep him since I have exams...we are counting down til Wednesday at lunch when we are out for 2 weeks! In the meantime, we gotta get these children well so Santa can come!!! :)

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