Monday, January 21, 2013

Now THAT's a Celebration!!!!

We have partied til we are worn OUT!!!
Jackson's fun started on Friday with his school party ~
He took a cookie cake to share with his class! 

After school, his friend Taylor came home with us and then we headed to his skating party!
Big Daddy was there waiting on us!
Jackson was SO excited to have the whole skating rink for just his buddies! 

He remembered how to skate!!!
He did a great job and didn't break a bone! ;) 

A LOT of kids spent a LOT of time on the ground...and it was easier to take pics while they were still! :) 

He had 28 friends at his party! A FULL house!!!!
They were all so sweet and kind! 

They gave him lots of cool gifts, money and gift cards! He is one blessed boy!
Saturday was his actual birthday, we went to lunch at his favorite place ~
Huddle House

Mary Dalton wanted to give him "her own" gift with her own money!
She looked and looked and finally chose Old Yeller ~ he LOVES this movie and a jumbo art pad!
She was so sweet to him ~ kept hugging him ~ he was NOT into that at ALL! 

Saturday night, we had dinner at Mellow Mushroom ~ his other favorite ~ and mine too!
Afterwards, we took him to the rodeo to see the bull riding!
He LOVED it but now wants to be a bull rider! :/
Mary Dalton HATED the rodeo last year, so we left her with a sitter ~ she had a BLAST with Tressie and we enjoyed spending some quality time with Jackson! 

Even on Sunday he was still getting presents! Mary Will gave him a super cool transformer and Mike & Gigi gave him two science kits! 
gig is ALWAYS so sweet!!!
She gave Mary Dalton some fun treats too! Lots of goodies for her AG dolls! 

We ened the fun weekend with cooking a HUGE breakfast last night at the cabin ~ then the kids and I were in ed by 8:00! We were tired!
It was an awesome weekend to celebrate my favorite little man in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!!!

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