Monday, January 14, 2013

Our WILD & CRAZY Weekend!!!

The weekend started with 4 children at my house ~ Mary Dalton had a friend over and Jax had Ty to spend the night ~ I took them to the movies and then dropped the girls off at Clarissa's for the night ~ they had dance ALL day Saturday again! Mary Dalton LOVED it!! Someone poseted a collage on Fb and I thought it was precious!
We are gearing up for competition season! 

Saturday night we went back to Clair's to meet up with some of our favorite girls for a Miss America party!!! We all LOVED SC!!!! Wish she would have won! :(
It was a super fun night with fun friends and YUMMY food!!!

When we got home ~ Jax was 'OUT! But we had this lovely gator waiting to greet us!
not quiet sure where we are gonna put his bad boy! 

Sunday we were planning on having a fun family day!
Before we even started, Dalton met me at the haybales with a triple hook stuck in the back of his head!
To make a LONG story short, we went to 2 hospitals before he got it removed! It was painful for him bless his heart! He is doing fine, but his head is SO SORE! 
I am SO SO SO thankful for my sweet friend Tammy who came to rescue my children from the nasty ER!!! She entertained them outside and fed them lots of junk!
They had a BLAST!!! 

We are going to attempt another fishing trip this afternoon!
Hopefully this time we will catch fish and not Dalton! :)

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