Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Disney Cruise 2013

We just got back from our 2nd Disney Cruise ~ and let me say that we were NOT disappointed!!!
We booked this one last year while still on the boat because we had SUCH a good time!!!
Such a good time in fact, that I have VERY few pics to post because our kids were in the Oceaneer's Lab every hour it was open!!!
We stayed at the Ron Jon Caribe Resort before we left and I would HIGHLY recommend it! They had a water slide, last river, putt putt, indoor and outdoor playground ~ VERY kid friendly, but nice!!!
While we were eating dinner we felt the ground shake, windows tremble and noticed a crowd gathered outside ~ a rocket had taken off! The kids thought that was pretty cool!!!

Small crisis before we left ~ MDD did not get Bandit...we stayed at the coast the night before we left and he didn't make it with us! We realized it at bedtime and Dalton was on the phone with Bass Pro in Orlando locating another one! He got up EARLY the next morning and drove to Orlando and got her a new one before we left...
he is the BEST Daddy!!!
Ready to board the ship!!!
We had two groups/friends go too ~ The Sims went again and the McNeelys joined the fun, too!!!
We stayed on the ship in the Bahamas but we sure enjoyed Castaway Cay ~
We split a family cabana with the Sims and THAT is hands down worth EVERY cent!!!
The weather was beautiful!!!
I ran in the 5k on the island that morning and then got a beach side massage! It was WONDERFUL!!!
We got home Sunday and we were all WORN out!!!
Mary Dalton thought Jackson needed a gummy worm while he slept! ;)
Poor thing was TIRED!
We had a GREAT trip and I do have a few more pics to post when our internet is working again!
It was the PERFECT trip to start a summer of fun!!!

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