Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day 2013 ~

My sweet babies woke me with breakfast in bed!!!
I LOVE peanut butter toast with raisins!
They showered me with LOTS of great gifts that they made and picked out!
Jackson made me this tray at school (it's clay) and painted it, the flower pot and the heart...
I LOVE it! So sweet!
Dalton got the "hint" that I REALLY REALLY wanted this plate! I have actually wanted it for about 2 years! The beach ball comes off and you add attachments for each season....PRECIOUS!!!! He got me this and 2 other attachments ~ thanks babe! :)
Mary Dalton made me this beautfiul card!
She is so sweet!

Jackson picked this frame out for me and Mary Dalton gave me a new float for the pool!
They are SO thoughtful and LOVE a reason to celebrate!
Sweet MD even agreed SO nicely to wear a bishop to church...we are walking in church and I can see her HOT PINK panties with peace on the rear ~ drop Jax off at SS and we run home for a quick dress change!
I am SO blessed to be their mother! They truly have brought me more joy than I could have ever imagined possible and make our life "complete."
Everyday is not all sunshine and smiles, but I would not trade ONE day with my precious family!
Happy Mother's Day!!!

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