Thursday, July 11, 2013

First REAL Sleep Over ~

Way back in April, I promised Mary Dalton's competition dance team that if they won 1st and 2nd at their competition that they could all sleep over! Mary Dalton was so excited to have her friends come over! They came around 6 and went straight for the make up and dress up clothes...and slippers for boobs! Mary Dalton has wanted boobs since she was 2! If there is an opportunity to "stuff" it ~ she is ALL about it! 
I couldn't find Whitney ~ She had found the boys!!! Jackson invited Ty over for the night...they were playing basketball while jumping on the bed...

Mr. Miggins was the HIT of the party ~ the girls LOVED him!!! Jackson loved showing him off too! SEVERAL of them requested...really begged...that I buy them one for their birthday this year! ha! 
They were all dressed up and wanted to walk around the block...these girls can ROCK a pair of heels!!! They walk in them better than most grown women! 
After a walk, fashion show and pizza they went to the pool ~
They were AMAZING ahte the tricks they could do! Front flips, back flips, front dives, back dives, you name it, they could do it!!! They were all sporting the raccoon eyes from the mascara! 
And I am not even really sure how to even "lead" in to this picture...

They were COVERED in was the counter, walls and floor in the bathroom, but kudos to them because they got EVERY bit of it right up...however, it is STILL on them!!! Just kinda dark blue bruises...I have asked Jackson 20 times if he felt ok bc I look at him and see dark circles under his eyes!!! 
The girls painted nails, put on glitter tattoos and watched movies ~ I asked an older dance friend to come over to help "keep the peace" but these girls were OUTSTANDING!!! Not one squabble, one tear, one disagreement!!! My house was not destroyed and they had the BEST manners! Dalton and I REALLY enjoyed having ALL of them over...even the 2 blue boys! ;) 
Best part of the night was telling a ghost story and Dalton scared them in the wolf mask...they went CRAZY!!! 

They went to bed around 2 and were up at 7  ~ the boys went to bed at 12 and would have slept til lunch but the girls woke them up! They played this morning and then I took them to dance practice! They didn't want to leave each other so I promised they could all come back IF they win next week at Nationals!!!
It was a super fun night and I feel like I've earned my mom "sleep over badge" now!

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