Thursday, November 21, 2013

Just Some Updates From the Week ~

We have been BEYOND busy this week, but have lots of fun news to share!!!

** Mary Dalton lost a tooth! She hasn't lost one since before she got her braces! This one was on the top and toward the back...she has two more loose! I am glad the tooth fairy remembered where we live!

**Christmas lists have been made and the decorations are up....except for the real tree! We will get it in early December! Our December calendar is filling up quickly!

**Jackson & MD are both playing basketball and LOVE it!!! We went and bought them both basketballs and they have dribbled ALL over the house!!! It's loud, but they are having a blast!

**Jackson decided to "test" the marshmallow cream today at Wal-mart ~ it said "Unbreakable" and thankfully it was!!! He tossed ot right on the floor!

**Dalton got a HUGE deer this past weekend! A 13 point!!!

**We are going to MS during our time off from school and I CAN NOT WAIT!!!!!

**Mary Dalton's class is reading Flat Stanley and she made a F.S. and sent him to Aunt Tasha in Birmingham! We can't wait to get him back and read about his adventures!!!

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