Saturday, November 30, 2013

More of Thanksgiving....

Thursday morning we woke up to a great breakfast...homemade biscuits, bacon, sausage, gravy, cinnamon biscuits...delicious!!! We ate like royalty then got ready for Uncle Shane and his family to get in! 
It was SO nice to have a day of nothing "pressing" to do! We enjoyed doing nothing for a change!
My kids enjoyed getting LOTS of attention from Nana and Pawpaw! It was freezing but they bundled up and played for hours in the tree house and in the hammock! 
Mary Dalton and Jackson made everyone gifts and cards...they were so sweet passing them out to everyone! 
Check out Jackson's plate...rolls, spaghetti and cheese, and pork. That's it! He ate lots of dessert though! Lunch was delicious!!!! 
Jackson ADORES John Mark!!! He followed him around and JM was SO sweet to him! Jax sat in the same chair with him all day! Love these boys!!! That JM stole my heart when he was born, he is so handsome and so sweet!!!
And MD pretended to be pregnant...with a moustache! The girl is a mess!!!
Loved spending the day with our cousins!!! They're so grown up now!!! Lily was 1 when I met Dalton!!!  It was great to catch up with them! 

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