Wednesday, December 4, 2013

All Those Plans Came to a Halt ~

I have been DREADING this week because our calendars were/are booked and double booked. I was tired from our trip to MS and after a 13 hour day on Monday I was ready for a break! I came home from MS with a cold and just felt yucky. Dalton talked me into taking some Nyquil ~ and wouldn't you know  ~ Mary Dalton came down with a stomach bug at midnight ~ ( I wish I had a camera of myself trying to take care of her in my drugged state!) Needless to say ~ that landed us at home on Tuesday...and I HATE HATE HATE when my kids are sick, but I got SO much done and all those "plans" we had...we changed!
They had the best time making Christmas crafts with some fun art supplies at Suz's house!
(MD stayed with her while I took Jax to the dentist...she was fine Tuesday morning, which basically gave me the day off of work...minus the trip to the dentist!)

Jackson had a filling come out before we left for MS ~ the tooth looks AWFUL but Dr. Thielke xrayed it and said there was only one root and it would be out in no time ~ no need for a filling or extraction ~ Jax has been working HARD at wiggling it! I told him he probably wouldn't get much money since the tooth is in such bad shape!

Mary Dalton got to spend lots of time with Susan-Laine yesterday! When I got to Open House at The Orchards, she was pushing her all around the store with this stuck to her head! Sweet baby doll ~ it didn't even bother her! I gave her her bottle and held her while she slept ~
that made my week! :)

We are *almost* decorated for Christmas! We have our real tree left and we will be done. I have NEVER been this late getting it all together!!!

The kids are busy working on their Christmas musical for choir and making lots of ornaments and fun things at school! We have a date to see Santa tomorrow at 5:15 and they have been SO sweet since "Elfie" our Elf showed up!!!

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