Monday, December 9, 2013

Choir Program 2013 ~

Yesterday the kids' had their Christmas program for choir. Our church does not offer a children's choir, so I am so thankful the Methodist church offers one! I grew up in choir and loved it! I still remember the majority of the songs and verses I learned! Most of their friends from school go to choir, too so they have a blast!!!
They were supposed to wear tshirts, but they didn't come in in time ~ Mary Dalton was TICKLED PINK she:
 1.) did not have to dress like everyone else.
2.) Did not have to wear jeans to a program.
3.) Got to wear something "swanky" and pink!
They both had speaking parts and did an OUTSTANDING job if I do say so myself!!! They knew them perfectly! Mary Dalton had 3 different parts and she remembered them all! :)
And Jackson was not so excited about wearing a vest...but I reminded him that his Daddy wears one, one of his favorite coaches at our school wears one, and that several boys I teach wear them....he decided he wouldn't protest...
We happen to see the coach at the program and he told Jax "Ladies love a man in a vest" ~ BIG BIG BIG mistake Coach Otis!!! Now Jackson wants one in every color!! ;)
We enjoyed snacks at the reception and visiting with friends ~
Wonderful Sunday celebrating the season!!!

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