Saturday, December 7, 2013

Christmas DrEaM LiSt ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

My kids always ask me what I want for Christmas, so a couple of years ago, I made a "Dream List" of items that I would like to have but would never buy or certainly cannot afford....but it sure is fun to dream about it....
I can remember a few years ago when truly ALL I wanted for Christmas was a solid night's sleep! Makes me tired just thinking about it!!! Those days have past and now I am dreaming of all this fun stuff ~ ~ ~ ~
1.) New home intercom system.
Our house is wired and have intercoms in most rooms ~ including out by the pool...
but our system in OLD ~ it has a cassette deck ~ the cover is broken and it looks bad...Would LOVE an upgrade!!! We enjoy the radio in the summers while swimming, but you can't read the it's kinda hard to find a good station!
2.) LOVE my Tory's but they are OLD and I could use a new pair! My hot pink still look good but my black are WORN out....they are expensive but super cute and hold up great! I have had mine for 6 years and they are just now "worn out!" And since I am "wishing" here ~ I will take them in ALL these colors!!! LOVE that blue!!!
3.) Be still my heart....
Love Yurman....
no need to explain....
4.) I am loving that camo is so popular right now....especially since my husband is KING of ALL THINGS hunting!!! I have a camo shirt and some hot pink camo pants that I ADORE, but I am also loving this infinity scarf...too cute!!! (and this is actually cheap!!!)

5.) I never thought I would want another hot tub...but after dealing with a pool...a hot tub is a walk in the park!!! I think it would be SO much fun to have one again!!! Maybe the pool...maybe at our cabin since we are there a good bit in the fall/winter...Looks like fun!!!
6.) I love this coffee don't use the use regular coffee to make 1 cup...same concept as the pods...just use regular coffee. I never have time to sit and drink coffee leisurely...EVER. I get one cup and out the door we go.
7.) Oh. My. Word.
I am pretty sure this is on my dream list year after could ANYONE not want to go here?!?! Bora Bora is my dream destination without a doubt!!!!
8.) Maybe because I am surrounded by all things hunting that I am loving the camo and this shirt....
This is too cute! LOVE it!!!
9.) I have started noticing little lines and bad things that have NO PLACE on my face! I have heard lots of good things about the Clarisonic facial cleaner! Would I pay $100+ for one...nah...but I would like to see if it really worked! ;)
It's fun to "wish" and "dream" but in all honesty, I have more than I need, deserve, or even want! God has blessed our family more than we deserve and we are so grateful for all He has done with us and we are excited about celebrating His Son's birth this month!!!

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