Sunday, December 22, 2013

Dowdy Family Christmas in Wrens

We had family Christmas this weekend! We weren't able to go last year because BOTH kids were sick! The festivities were moved to Dalton's parent's house this year which made it SUPER convenient  for us....just around the block!
My kids were SO excited because the had NINE little cousins coming to play for the day!!
There were 37 of us and we had a great day visiting and catching up!
And Dalton & I fought over Susan-Laine....
I must have kissed her sweet cheeks 5000 times!
Needless to say ~ with 37 people we had LOTS of gifts!!! Mary Dalton sorted the children's pile out because they were DYING to open gifts (the men went to Dalton's shooting range after lunch to shoot skeet).
Jackson LOVES Granny Jo ~ Dalton's grandmother ~ she was telling him jokes and all sorts of stories...i don't know who enjoyed it more...Jax or Granny! ;)
Even as big as that pile of gifts was GONE FAST!!! Those kiddos tore up some presents!!! Mary Dalton & Jackson both got some money and Target gifts cards. Jax got a cool remote control car and Mary D. got a bracelet set!
Suz was a wonderful hostess and we certainly hope we can continue Christmas at her house for MANY years to come!!!
When the men got back...we steamed OYSTERS! They do this every year and it hands down my favorite part of the day! These were DELICIOUS!!!!
Today ~ Dalton and I ran to Augusta to pick up a last minute gift and we ran into the REAL Santa!!! He remembered me from Sweets with Santa at our school a few weeks ago and even remembered Mary Dalton & Jackson! He sent them a video message that I will try to post soon! Needless to say, they were ESTATIC!!!!
After our run in with Santa ~ we headed to the farm with our extended family and Dalton cooked the BEST burgers he's ever done! Needless to say~ we have eaten REALLY good this weekend!!! :)
It was a WONDERFUL weekend and we are SO SUPER excited that Nana and Pawpaw will be here tomorrow and Dalton's Aunt Linda & Uncle Carl will be here this week, too!!!

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