Friday, April 4, 2014

Jackson's First and Second Turkeys!!!!

Yesterday was a BIG day at our house!!!
Jackson finally got to shoot and he killed not one but TWO turkeys!!!! 
I honestly don't know who was more excited....
He spent the night at the cabin with Dalton & Rhett and got to come in to school late on Thursday...
so that alone made for a pretty great day!!! 
I think Uncle Rhett was pretty excited for Jackson, too!!!
And ~ Uncle Rhett got a gobbler, too!!! 
He was literally beaming when he got to school to tell me all about the hunt!!!
I hate to tell Dalton, but I think he has created a monster...
He is already planning to hunt tomorrow and pretty much any other day he can!!! 
Love that sweet time he and Dalton are having together!
Making memories neither of them will ever forget!!! 

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