Tuesday, April 29, 2014

My Love/Hate Realtionship with Social Media ~

Anyone who does not live their family and friends and has social media uses it as a way to keep up with your family and friends back "home." For me, that includes all my friends and family in Mississippi! I love being able to look at their pictures, see their children grow, know when/where they are moving, where they are traveling, jobs they are doing, etc. It is an extremely amazing way to "stay connected" to people I otherwise would never get to.  However, recently I have taken my twitter account off of my phone (I still have it but rarely check it) ~ and find myself checking instagram more than anything....I still check my facebook daily, but there are SO many things that DRIVE ME INSANE on it ~ that I am thinking about taking the app off my phone....
I would still have an account...I just would check it once a week.
SO ~ Here is my list of "pet peeves" on FB ~ 

PICTURES: Dear Mercy people LOVE to post a picture of their feet at the beach. NASTY!!! NO ONE wants to see your feet! Even worse ~ bikini pictures of people who do NOT need to be in bikinis!!! Enough said! I also saw a picture of a child laying by a toilet recently...really???? We believe he's sick...no need for pics! (I also HATE when someone posts "Toes in the water a$$ in the sand..." Why?!?!?! Please stop.) Selfies on grown women posing alone also freak me out, too. I just don't think that is normal...especially when they are laying in their bed....AND don't post pics of your bed when you are on a trip...with rose petals on it ~ some things are better left up to the imagination!!!

SICKNESS: Just when I thought I could not handled any more pics of feet at the beach along comes cold and flu season. First off, if you are asking for prayers for a surgery, TRUE medical condition, PLEASE post. It's a great way to keep up with who does need prayer and to also keep up with their progress. HOWEVER ~  we do not need to know when your child threw up, how many times and what he/she ate. Really. TMI. **By the way, I honestly think some of fb friends are NEVER well!!! I need to start selling vitamins!!!  I have one friend who NEVER goes a week without one of her kids being "sick" ~ there is no way those kids are sick that much! Get those kids some vitamins! My mama's rule was unless there is vomit and fever above 100 ~ you are well.

COMPLAINING: OH the complaining....and I am complaining about the complaining....there are SO SO SO many people who would LOVE to be up with a baby all night, have a job to go to, have a house to clean, laundry to fold. STOP complaining already!!! "My hubby has to work late and I feel terrible. The kids are destroying the house and I want my mama." GROW up Love. Be thankful you have children, a husband who CAN work and a house to live in!!!  Some people just want a pity party!!!

SHOWING "OUT":  "Just love the sticky fingers helping me make rice krispy treats shaped like bunnies complete with whiskers, eyes, tails and teeth." Whatever. You know GOOD AND WELL that pinterest project about sent you over the top! It drives me crazy when moms try to "out mom" each other. Posting pictures of treat bags that they hand crafted, cakes they have baked, etc. Fabulous if you have time, but the single mom who just did good to get her child to school on time is fabulous as well ~ if not even more fabulous because she did it alone.  I personally am very proud of the fact that I NEVER send a treat bag ~ BIGGEST waste of money EVER!!!

SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES:  "It's bad when you don't know who you can trust." This was an actual post on my timeline. And then there are 500 replies "What's wrong honey?" "Who do I need to track down and hurt?" "Call me!" Please, ohhhhh, please for the LOVE don't post your personal crap all over FB!!! I bet 40% of posts I see are "aimed" at someone ~ I have even had people call me and ask if I know what the person who posted the subliminal message is talking about or referring to!!! Guess what? I DON'T CARE.

And my ABSOLUTE BIGGEST PET PEEVE ~ Peepers not Posters!!!!! My sweet friend coined this term and it is SO SO SO true! These are the people who never comment on anything, post, upload pics, but know ALL ABOUT everything everybody else is doing! A friend recently said, "Someone told me I was on FB all the time." Ummmm....how would THEY know if you are or aren't on FB without being on there as well!?!?

Soooooo....all that to say....I am still not 100% sure about FB. I am leaning towards taking the app off of my phone and only "checking in" on the weekends. Anyone else have thoughts on this??? Let me know if you do! :) ~  ~ ~and in the meantime, let's spread some sunshine to the FB world! :)

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