Friday, June 6, 2014

All Things Girlie ~

When I say I have a "girlie girl" I mean I have a GIRLIE girl!!!
Mary Dalton will be 10 in August and still wears a hairbow the size of Texas, Kelly's Kids clothes, loves pink, and all things that shine, sparkle or have glitter!!!
(and I would not want it ANY other way!)
I guess I am so used to it that I often overlook it ~
Yesterday we went to Augusta to finish up shopping for camp. She had her doll strapped in the car and ready to go! She even had the car seat rear facing and had snacks for her baby!
She's a good little mama in training!!!
I snapped this picture of her walking in Target like she owned it.
Glitter bow in place.
Gypsy sandals on her feet.
Baby on her hip.
That's my girl!
SO many people stopped us while we were out and commented how nice it was to see a littel girl being a little girl. I LOVE that she still plays with her dolls and as much as she WANTS to be grown up ~ she still loves being 9!
She came home and cheered on The Heat with her Daddy ~ in her Jags attire! ha!!!
So blessed by this girl...and stealing a quote from Mary Dalton....
I would say, "She's something else!"

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