Thursday, June 26, 2014

week 25 ~ #dailydowdypic

Day 170  ~
we woke up with the CHICKENS and went and pulled corn  ~
nothing like living in a small town! 
day 171  ~
Picked this cutie up from SSI ~ A week at camp followed by a week at the beach with a friend...we were ready for her come HOME!!! (but she left again Sunday!)
Day 172  ~
Shopping and Girl's Day in Augusta with Mary Dalton!!!
got to hear all about camp, the beach, and just enjoy her!
She is growing up SO much and SO fast!!! 
day 173 ~ 
Surrounded by cuteness in my pool!!!
How juicy in that precious baby???? 
I honestly could eat her up!!!!
(and look at her little chicklet teeth!!!)
Day 174  ~
Will came over art camp to spend the night and was SURE I could do this same trick...if I would JUST get my hair wet....nice try! ;) 
Day 175  ~
Thankful for fresh vegetables...and friends' who grow and share them!!! 
Day 176  ~
Found Jackson's first pair of saddle oxfords....
SO SO SO tiny!!!! 
And  ~one to grown on....
Not sure what was happening here, (this was at art camp) but I am sure it was hilarious!!! 
We are getting Mary Dalton back for the THIRD time today ~ but she is spending the night with a friend!!!
We are headed to the beach soon with some sweet friends!!!
Trying to make the most of summer...
Only a month left!!!!

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