Monday, June 23, 2014

Weekend Fun!!!

We were all SO excited that sweet Susan-Laine was going to be in town this weekend!!!
Ohhhhh be still my heart....
 I am a sucker for some matching children....
My children ADORE this baby!!!
Jackson would rather play with her than do just about anything!
Sunday ~ the whole Dowdy clan came over for some swimming and BBQ ~
Dalton outdid himself!!!
We also made homemade strawberry ice cream which was some of the best I have ever had!
The kids were so happy that Daddy, Uncle Amos, Aunt Sue-anna, Sooz, AND Big Daddy ALL swam!!!
It's just more fun when the pool is full! :)
And then...
after one night at the cabin and one night at Sooz's ~
Mary Dalton packed her stuff and let with Sue-anna and Amos to go to the coast!!!
I know she enjoyed having some time with them!!!
She thinks they are pretty special! :)
Jackson is at art camp this week and is having a friend over to spend the night tonight!
It's hard to believe June is almost over! School will be here before we know it!!!

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