Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Day in the Life ~

So it's been a LONG time since I've done a day in the life post...I've tried but forget to document our day! I succeeded today...and on Monday! None of our days are typical so I just went with today! :)

The alarm went off at 5:15...it was raining so dalton and I could not do our walking so I happily slept until 6:15! I got the kids up at 6:50 after I was showered and dressed. MD wanted her hair rolled so I dolled her up! Made the bed and headed to the kitchen!
It takes a LOT of bags to get us through the day!!! The kids grabbed breakfast and we loaded up...this takes about 5-10 mins! On Monday we had three lunch boxes, a bag of snacks for dance carpool, snack for Jax after school because he was going to Dalton's office, dance bag, two back packs, my teaching gear, football gear and a bag of cans to donate for art!
Miss Priss ready for Monday!
Jackson taking inventory of the pantry and picking a snack for after school...
I made taco soup the night before so I plugged it in before heading out the door!
7:15 and it's dark and rainy but we are headed to school!!! It takes us about 20-25 mins to get to school. I call my mama EVERY morning on the way to school. This is a good time for us to talk each day! After I get off the phone with her, I review for tests with the kids...and serve breakfast! We eat in the car! No time for that at home! ;)
I got to school at 7:40...opened my emails and started going over lesson plans!
I have seniors for homeroom so they stroll in RIGHT at 8 a.m. ~
I teach chemistry, biology, and AP psychology...I have planning and lunch...then I teach physical science and honors anatomy! Full day!!! I worked on grading and plans during my break! We have exams next week so I'm wrapping everything up this week! 
In the middle of planning, Mary Dalton came in broken hearted...she was having a pretty crappy day. I am SO thankful I am there and she can come to me when she needs something...but it breaks my heart to see her so upset!!! I got her calmed down, face washed and sent her on her way....

I found this on my desk in Jackson's papers...this perked me up and made me smile...looks like Pawpaw might be one of Jackson's favorite people! :)
After school, Jackson rode to wrens with a friend and got dropped off at Dalton's office because he had football and I had to drive to dance ~ which is an hour from our house.
The girls come to my room after school and worked on their homework. We loaded up and headed to dance about 3:15!
After dropping them off I went to Wal-Mart ~ alone.
I found some cute tops and a dress for Mary Dalton.

I got back to the studio about 5:40 and scrolled through facebook while I waited on these cuties to get done with dance!
We left Swainsboro about 6:30 and were back home around 7:30.
I was SO thankful I had soup in the crock pot ~ I was STARVING!!!
We eat in shifts ~ MD & I ate ~
Dalton went back to work after Jackson went to football ~
He came home about 8:00 and he ate then ~
Jax got home about 8:15 and was in a FABULOUS mood ~ he did NOT want his picture taken!
He really was excited ~ he scored his first touch down at practice!!! :)
He of course does NOT eat taco soup so he had OREOS and easy mac ~
While he was eating ~ Mary Dalton got a shower and I sat with him and listened to his stories from practice ~ he loves to "draw" out what happened...and I of course have NOT A CLUE what any thing means in football but I try to listen and understand!
When he got done ~ I loaded the dishwasher ~
Jax went to shower and Mary D had to read 3 chapters for hw  ~
I started laying out clothes for the next day!
We would NEVER make it if I did do all of this ahead of time!!!
I also got all of Jackson's stuff together for his game ~ we won't go home after school so I have to be sure we have ALL of it together ~ oh and MD has solo so we have to get dance stuff together, too!
After MD was done reading, she wanted her hair rolled on sponge rollers ~
I got her hair up and then started unpacking the bags from the day and repacking lunches, clothes, etc for the next day!
About 9:00 everyone was bathed, fed and ready for the next day!
They watched TV with Dalton while I took a bath.
This happens EVERY night. I do not go to bed without a bubble bath ~ granted it usually is a short one, but those 5-10 minutes are SAVORED after a long day!!!
When I got done, I sent the kids up to brush their teeth and get in bed ~
I folded a load of laundry and started another one! I try to do at least one load a day or I will NEVER stay caught up!
Dalton & I went upstairs to tell them good night ~
99% of the time MD sleeps with Jax ~
Dalton & I love to hear them laughing and talking about their day before they go to bed!
After prayers ~ the lights were out and they went to sleep about 9:30-45 ~
I am SO hoping that this will get earlier after football...we will see!
I put up some clean laundry, picked up a few random things that were left out and put the clothes in the drier ~
I was in bed by 10:15 ~
Set the clock to do it all again the next day!!!

Busy day ~ I know one day it will be so much fun for the kids to look back at this and see what we did all day! I have some previous posts about "A day in the life" I am going to try to link them up, too! :)

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