Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving in Natchez ~

We had a great trip to Natchez this past weekend!
The kids and I left school at lunch on Friday and headed that way!
We stopped in Birmingham and picked up my sister ~
her family couldn't make it, but we sure did enjoy having her along with us!
Ten hours  is a LONG trip ~
It cracks me up when people complain about a 3 or 4 hour drive...try TEN...and that's without stops!
We pulled into Nana's about 11 our time ~
Jax was OUT!
Mary Dalton was WIDE AWAKE ~ no surprise there!
Saturday we went to some storesi n Natchez ~
Aunt Tasha is so much fun to shop with! ;)
We enjoyed walking around downtown ~ and eating snowcones!
We also made a trip by the visitor's center ~
my kids LOVE this place!!!
Natchez has a GREAT visitor's center and it is there favorite place in town!
We also ran into a really cute Santa ~
The kids were SO SO SO excited ~ especially Mary Dalton what Reagan came to play!!!
They had so much fun playing in the tree house and on the hammock.
These two cutires went to The Nutcracker Saturday night!
 My sweet friend JJ asked MD to go along with them!
They went to see my other best friend's little girl, Harper in the production ~
Love that these girls know each other! I love their mamas so much!
Sunday was Thanksgiving Day at Nana and Pawpaw's!
Elizabeth and John Mark came in to town and these two were PUMPED!
We ate WAY too much and enjoyed catching up and laughing!
It was a super fun day!
Monday we went to a few more stores...
and found this lovely display which we HAD to pose in! :)
We made a pit stop by the gazebo to see the MS River ~
And then went to our favorite place ~ Taco Casa!
Let me just say ~ we did not realize that "Taco #3" I documented would be back to see us later...
SUPER long story short ~
We were loaded up and ready to walk out the door when MD accounces that Jax has a really bad splinter...and let me add that this picture does NOT do it justice. It was HUGE and DEEP. After about 30 mins I thought we were going to the ER. I even called Dalton to let him know what was going on. Praise the LORD my Daddy finally got it out. Jackson never shed a tear, but the pain was so bad (or either the scapel freaked him out) that he almost passed out and he "Tossed his tacos" a couple of times during the extraction process...
We let him get some color back and then loaded up ~
We had "some junk up in our trunk" FOR SURE!
We spent Monday night with my sister and her sweet family and then went to breakfast at Big Bad Breakfast on Tuesday! It was SO SO SO good!!! I can't wait to go back!!!
After we ate, we went to SkyZone and let the kids jump off some energy before heading back to GA!
We had so much fun!!! We love our trips to MS but we were excited to get home to Dalton/Daddy!

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