Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Week 45 ~ #dailydowdypic

Week 45 ~ only SEVEN more to go in 2014!?!?!
How is that even possible?!?!
Week 45 was a super one for this Mama because...
Day 310...I headed to MS for a weekend shopping adventure with one of my sweet friends! :)
Day 311 ~
We shopped and shopped...looked...ate...and shopped some more!
It was SUCH A FUN day!!!
Day 312 ~
As much fun as I had ~ I missed my people like crazy and was so happy to see them Saturday night!
(NOT so happy to be back in the construction zone!!!)
Day 313 ~
Ready for Sunday School...
Day 314 ~
Jackson was SO excited that his class is doing a Flat Stanley project!!!
He is enjoying the book and decided to mail his Flat Stanley to my cousin Stacey who lives in CO ~ We are hoping Flat Stanley gets there tomorrow so he can travel to the Amazon with Stacey!!! We can't wait to hear about his adventures! :)
Day 315 ~
I was SO happy when I walked in from work and saw my new breakfast color ~ LOVE LOVE LOVE this blue!!! I have picked out some curtains I hope to order this weekend!
Day 316~
The construction mess has not slowed my kids down at all ~ Jackson put his chair on the wood and has perfected eating without a table! ;)
Happy Week 45! :)

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