Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve...

Christmas Eve started with Mary D finding our elf! We get to play with him on Christmas Eve since he goes back to the North Pole with Santa!
We hosted a brunch for our friends and family! We used to do this every year but haven't done it in 4-5 years. We were excited to host it again!  The weather was AWFUL but we had a great turn out and lots of fun!

I was beyond thankful my parents were here! My mom brought treats for the brunch and was a huge help today!!!
Love them so much!!!
MD was excited that Rae Ann and Mary Will came over!
We had about 75 people over and look forward to hosting again next year! 

After the brunch, Dalton gave the kids their gifts from him.
They were so excited...and got new 22s!!! 

We headed out to try out the new guns...
Mama got out of her car and we had on the same jacket... Like mother like daughter! ;)
Daddy gave lessons on gun safety...
Dead Eye Jax hit the target every time...
And then..Dalton agreed to let them play in the sand /rock/dirt piles...they were soaked!!!! 

They came home and jumped in the pool...I'm sure they'll have pneumonia next week but it sure was a fun day!!! We are headed to celebrate with The Barrows tonight and can't wait to celebrate Jesus' birthday tomorrow!!! 

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