Thursday, January 8, 2015

#apictureadayin2015 ~ Week 1

We are trying to get back in the "groove" but it has been a week! It's been cold, long days at school/work, practices, etc...I am living for the weekend and I have ONE more day!!!
I am going to attempt to do a picture a day in 2015 ~ I stuck with it last year and loved seeing all the fun things we did!
Day 1 ~
Happy 2015!
We went to see Annie with our sweet friends!
Day 2 ~
Dalton took the kids to the sand piles and they had a BLAST!!!
They were FLITHY but had a great time!
Day 3 ~
Fun nigh sleeping over with Sooz!
Day 4 ~
A HUGE rain storm came at church and all we had was a Cinderella umbrella...
It looks good on my man! :)
Day 5 ~
MD was at dance and Razz came to play with Jax! She took over the AG house!
Day 6 ~
We have been SO spoiled seeing our sweet niece everyday! We wanted her to stay in GA with us! MD went and got her after school and actually watched her for about 2 hours...she is a good little baby sitter! :)
Day 7 ~
By day Jax was OVER school and getting up early!!!
He went back to sleep while brushing his teeth...
I feel ya son...
Looking forward to a quiet weekend ~ I hope!

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