Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Nashville Trip ~ 2015

Ahhhh!!! We are finally back, unpacked and WELL from our trip to TN!!!
We arrived around 7 on Wednesday night!
The hotel is REALLY something amazing! The kids did not remember much about it since they were 4 and 5 the last time we were there, so it was fun to see their excitement!
I CLEANED the HECK out of that room ~ I still don't know HOW we got sick ~ The kids jumped bed to bed while DDD and I sat on the balcony...I am sure the people below us enjoyed this! ;)
Thursday we spent some time looking around the resort ~
The LOVED everything there! They also figured their way around the hotel really fast and were able to go "explore" and check back in with us! This was so much fun for them!
After awhile, we met up with Sue-anna and Razz!!! We literally fought over who got to hold her!
We took the kids to Dave and Busters and Razz joined us! We enjoyed lunch while they played lots of games...a good time was had by all! 
Love road trips with my sweet family! 
I REALLY didn't want them to swim since Opryland was having a norovirus outbreak but "Disney Dalton" aka the fun parent said yes! They wereTHRILLED! 
We also made a trip to Rain Forest and Jax was WAY too cool to wear the frog hat...so I wore it for him! Ha! 
Friday we went and played with Sue-Anna and Razz at their house and ate lunch with them!
We headed back to the hotel about 2...the boys went to the turkey show and us girls headed to the mall! 
MD wanted to see what the fuss was about the turkey show so we went in to check it out. They met Mark from Moonshiners and signed his shirt that was going to be auctioned off for "benny-fits" as he called them! He was really sweet!
We also ate at PegLeg BBQ ...he's on BBQ pit masters. To be honest, it was just ok. Dalton's ribs are better. Seriously. It's hardly fun to eat out when I know Big D can cook better than any restaurant!
Before we left we ran I to Tyler Woods...another moonshiner. Keepin' it classy people!!! Ha, ha!!
Other than the nasty virus we got as soon as we got home...it was a FABULOUS TRIP and I cherish the sweet memories we made with our family! These days are going by so fast and I TRULY cherish our sweet and fun times together!!! 

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