Monday, March 16, 2015

So Proud of My Girl ~

Mary Dalton competed in a dance competition this past weekend! She was so excited because my mom was in town and was able to be there!
She was tapping away on her solo and was off to a really good start...
when her music stopped and started OVER!!!
She kept tapping...and I was not sure what she was supposed to do...
I KNEW she would be so upset so I ran backstage to wait on her.
This girl of mine ~ never missed a beat and most importantly never shed a tear!
She handled a not so fun, yucky situation with grace and maturity ~
And for that I could NOT be prouder!!!
I am an adult and am pretty sure I was busted in tears and ran off.
Mary Dalton not only finished her solo, but didn't let it get to her.
All those dance classes, lessons, etc. have taught her SOOOOO much more than dance!
Her teacher was PRECIOUS and loved her and told her how proud she was!
The lady from the competition said she has never seen a child that young with that much professionalism, class, and self esteem ~
So if it seems like I am bragging...sorry...I am.
So so proud of my girl!!!
That's a life lesson that she will never forget!

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