Thursday, March 5, 2015

Week 9 ~ #apictureadayin2015

Week 9 brought us a 4 day weekend!!!
Day 57 ~
Hello Pjs, couch and remote! Perfect start to my lond weekend!!!
Day 58 ~
BEAUTIFUL day ~ headed to Augusta with these two and enjoyed the sunroof ~
We are so ready for spring!
Day 59 ~
Headed to watch the lady jags compete for state in basketball!
Day 60 ~
Sunday exploring at the farm...
Day 61  ~
A Monday out of school meant we had the whole park to ourselves!
Day 62  ~
Poor Jackson has started on a medicine he takes daily to hopefully prevent migraines ~ side effects are hunger and can see he is having both...empty plate and he is PASSED out! We go back in 5 weeks to see how it's working!
Day 63 ~
And all the mothers said ~ AMEN!!!
I tested positive for strep ~ but life goes on! I had to check homework, do laundry and feed the little people....It's amazing what a woman can do! ;)
Here's to hoping week 10 is a WELL week for us!!!

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