Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Spring Break 2015 ~

I can't believe it's already Wednesday of our Spring Break!
We have not done anything Earth shattering and it has been wonderful!
Yesterday, I spent the majority of the day doing laundry!
Jackson had his follow  up appointment with the Dr. and we are continue the meds for his migraines. He gained 5 lbs in 6 weeks on the medicine ~ he needs to chunk up so we were excited! :)
Rebel was SO good last night!!! He went to bed at 9 and stayed in his crate until almost 7! Someone suggested we cover the crate with a blanket and I think it helped!
I went walking this morning and these two were walking to the tree house ~
They touch each other...constantly...and not always in a loving way...
Seconds after I took this and thought "How sweet! They are walking almost shoulder to shoulder..."
Jackson hauled off slapped the MESS out of MD for some unknown reason...
When I finished walking, they decided they wanted Rebel to walk around the block...our block is close to a mile...but the little thing hung in there until the very end!!! He was WORN out after this!
While Rebel napped, we went to the local Strawberry Farm to pick berries!
I think we ate as many we put in our buckets...they are SO good when they are warm from the sun, right off the vine!
When we got home, this is how we found Rebel!
Jackson helped me put up Susan-Laine's "baby jail" as my kids called it for the puppy!
I feel SO much better about him being locked up when he can actually walk around! This is where he will stay when we aren't home for long periods of time! His crate is open and he already knows to nap there ~ he's a genius I tell you! :)
We had two friends from Natchez stay with us this week! They had tickets to The Masters and we were so excited they came for a visit! These men are the fathers to some of the kids I grew up in church ~ we were a VERY close group of friends so I was excited that they were in town! It's always nice to have a little piece of Natchez, MS show up in Wrens, GA! :) They were shocked at how FAR away I am from Natchez...yep...10 hours boys! It aint' for the weary!
Anyway ~ I saw today that one of their sons posted this pic!
Mr. Kenny made TV! :)
The yard man came today and our yard looks SOOOOO GOOD after being neglected all winter! I washed off the patio furniture and planted some herbs while these two crazies swam!
The yard's done, the pool's open, and snow cone maker is on the counter...
it can only mean that SUMMER is getting CLOSER!!!

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