Friday, May 15, 2015

Kayaking Trip ~

I took my Junior class on an end of the year field trip to kayak The Broad River yesterday!
I let these two clowns tag along ~ :)
This was pre-kayaking when MD was all about being cute and thinking that this was going to be easy, fun and dry ~ sorry Priss ~ you are about to be in kayaking hades for the next 4 hours! ha!

This boy LOVED it! I did too ~ except the part where MD was about to have a meltdown and I decided it was easier to bungee her to my kayak and pull us both down the 5 mile river ~

It REALLY was a fun day ~ I enjoyed spending it with these kids, too! I can't believe that they will be seniors next year!

MD was SO thankful to see land!!! She said, "I think they should sell tubes...and you could just float down the river and not have to paddle" Obviously manual boating is not her thing! ha!

On the other extreme was Jackson ~ we were pulling the boats out after a 4 hour trip and he said, "Can we put them back in and go again!?!?"
I think the two of us may go back when MD is at camp! :

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