Monday, May 11, 2015

Smarty Pants, Girl's Day, & Killing Machine ~

We are busy wrapping up the school year! Last Friday was Honor's Day at our school!
My two were BEYOND excited when Aunt Sue-anna and Susan-Laine surprised us by coming to their special day!!!
This year has been long. It has been rough. I am glad to see it end for MD's sake. There was a lot of adjusting to 4th grade and a new teacher and we are ALMOST done. There was homework ~ LOTS of homework...and tests...on Monday...which I HATE. Anyway ~ all that to say...we are ALMOST done...did I mention that already??? (Sigh ~ it's been a doozey!)
However ~ even though there were times this year I wanted to poke my eyeballs out ~ my two babes ROCKED it out!!!
Jackson got an award for all A's all year ~ He also got the highest average in Math, Language, Science, Social Studies and Reading ~ SO SO SO super proud!!!
Mary Dalton had all A's all year and the highest average in Social Studies, Language, and Reading ~ Way to go sis!
I pray that they keep it up ~ I am gonna have two in college ~ we are gonna need lots-o-scholarships!!!

After Honor's Day ~ Jackson went to the baseball game at school with Lindsey and MD and I went to Augusta for a girl's day ~ I bribed her with this as opposed to being in our school's beauty pageant ~ no thanks!!!
1st stop was a pedicure!!!

We went to 2nd & Charles then had ice cream ~

and her BIG treat was her first trip to a REAL spa and we got massages ~
HELLO HEAVEN ~ little chick didn't SPEAK ~ she LOVED it!!!
Duh...who wouldn't?!?!

We went to the movies after our spa treatments ~

And then to Target and to eat Chinese ~ her pick of course! ;)
It was a SUPER fun day and it was STILL cheaper than buying a tacky pageant dress and parading on a stage for someone to tell me she is or isn't the prettiest...We had SO much fun!!!

Saturday ~ I got this surprise in the mail from my sweet mama!
I have been wanting a blower for awhile and she surprised me!
Thanks Nana! :)

The weather was AMAZING and we spent a good bit of time in the pool on Saturday and even got a little burned!

Jackson has been on a KILLING SPREE ~ the poor birds in our neighborhood don't stand a chance with him around! Every time I turn around he is bringing in another kill!

Dalton's cousin's husband came to town this past weekend and took some pics of Jackson hunting and of our cabin ~ I can't wait to see them all!
He sent this one was a sneak peek!

Last night ~ I went out on the deck it was COVERED with birds ~
The joys of boys!

Mother's Day was spent by the pool after Sunday school ~ MD has an awful cold and we pretty much stayed at home all day ~ which was great!
We are busy again this week ~ it's MD's recital week, I have a bid field trip on Thursday and I am starting to give exams! Jackson also has a class party later this week!
Busy for sure ~ but summer is SO close ~ I can almost taste it!!! :)

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