Monday, July 20, 2015

Dance Fun and Hunting Show ~

That title pretty much describes my life ~ Mary Dalton is dancing and Jackson is hunting.
I went to Savannah Thursday to see Mary Dalton's showcase from participating in YDA ~
This popped up on my timehop app~
Looks like not much has changed...
She and Marti Ann are pretty much still best friends and they are still dancing! ;)
We had the BIGGEST mess with our hotel!! Hotwire overbooked and we literally had NOWHERE to go! Dalton's cousin saw my post on FB and was SO sweet to open her new and beautiful guest house in her backyard to us! It was SOOOO nice and not a hotel! Thanks Jel-O! :)
Friday moring, MD had early rehearsal and Julie and I went shopping. We met up with them at lunch for a Flash Mob in downtown Savannah!
Friday afternoon, they had dress rehearsal ~ They danced anywhere from 6-8 hours a day! Mary Dalton LOVED it! She and Marti Ann did the advanced tap classes and although they were the youngest, they stuck in there and did an awesome job! She learned SO much this week and met so many new people! It was a great experience all around!
Saturday was the competition ~ since she did not compete, we went to the outlet mall for some back to school shopping! We were back by 4 for another round of rehearsal before the big show!
(WHEN did she grow up!?!? She's almost as tall as me now!!!)
And yes ~ I look ROUGH in this picture ~ the heat index was 105 and I had walked and sweated like a pig ALL day!!
After the show ~ which was AMAZING ~ we met Dalton's cousin, Jennifer and her husband for sushi before heading home! We also got to pick up this cutie and bring him back with us for a friend who was buying him!!! He was SO cute!!!
Yep ~ 2:56 a.m. and I was up!!! Thankful we decided to come home Saturday night ~ I was up sick most of the night and probably used 90% of my data trying to pass time until I felt better!
While we were in Savannah, the boys went to Birmingham with Dalton's daddy.
They have been to this show for a years now and Jackson looks forward to it every year!
He found this cute blonde ~ the one who killed the African Big 5 and caused all sorts of controvery by posting it on social media. This is his kinda woman! ha!
They also sent me this photo and I literally shuddered!!!
We NEVER EVER EVER touch the rails on ANTYHING!!!! SICK!!!!
AND ~ he didn't bathe from Thursday until Sunday night when I MADE him bathe!!!
He had a GREAT time and got himself a blowgun which has already brought hours of entertainment!!!
I slept in Sunday after not feeling good most of the night, we skipped church and started laundry instead. We ventured out and got sonic drinks and hit up Wal-Mart for MORE pool chemicals and a few groceries!
I think we all 4 had a great time, but we were SO glad to all be together under one roof last night!
On the agenda this week ~
*Meetings for school (LOTS of them!)
*School supply shopping
*Hopefully some pool time!
*Jackson has a football meeting
*Mary Dalton starts her new solo for 2015-16
We go on VACATION!!!

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