Friday, August 21, 2015

Week 33... #apictureadayin2015

Day 225 ~
Celebrated Mary Dalton's 11th birthday!
Day 226
Going back to work always makes md feel like I NEVER see Dalton! It's go, go, go alllll week! We both miss our lunch dates and seeing each other during the day and at night! This was the first time we left both kids at home at night without a sitter! We weren't out late, but it was a fun night...and we saved $40! Ha!
Day 227...
We were invited to the AME church for their ground breaking. That's Dalton on the far left! 
Day 228
Made a delicious meal from Hello Fresh
Day 229...
My girl turned 11!!!! 
Day 230...
This was my timehop pic! 
Love these sassy girls!
Day 231...
Jr Pro is getting ready for their first game!
The weekend is here and we have very few plans!!! After our weekdays are slammed packed I enjoy a quiet weekend! :)

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