Thursday, September 3, 2015

Week 35 ~ #apictureadayin2015

Day 238  ~
our first football game of the season!
Fifth grade made spirit signs during library time! 
Day 239  ~
Shopping Day with my BEST girl! 
Day 240 ~ 
We have been blessed to be in Miss Marjorie's Sunday School class over the past 8 years! She retired from teaching this past Sunday. We are taking turns teaching until we get a full time replacement! My month is September so keep me in your prayers! I have never taught adult Sunday School! Yikes! 
Day 241 ~ 
We had chapel at school ~ 
Amazing where the Holy Spirit shows up...
today it was in the school gym. 
Day 242 ~ 
another tough loss for our Jr. Pro team but JAx got THREE touch downs and his name was on the load speaker ~ the child was BEAMING!!! 

Day 243 ~ 
Hands down ~ 
one the sweetest gifts ever! :) 
Day 244 ~ 
This is pretty much my view every night...
I bring Jackson back to football and I work in my classroom...which is great because I am so dang busy...
but I would much rather be at home watching TV and relaxing! 
We are SO excited about our 3 day weekend! 
We are headed to the coast and cannot WAIT! 

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